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I went to an interview this afternoon that went well and have an orientation on Thursday and Friday mornings to see if this is something I want to do. It's a company that sells and installs security systems. Big growth industry.

But I'm thinking I might do well to continue to explore other opportunities within Wal-Mart as I have more than a decade with them. So that's what I did. I applied to two management trainee positions within the county. I will look further. That really might be my best bet.

And now I'm getting ready to eat supper: chicken and peas, with a small side salad. I've lost about 6 pounds over the past weeks by eating real food, as opposed to junk food. Regular meals, smaller portions, and more exercise. My goal is modest: 10-20 pounds over the next year. That's all I need to lose anyway.

Kitteh update

Update of da kittehz: First Mr. Hiss. His fur has grown in so much better, and he's so much happier.

Seriously lounging...like showing us all how it"s done...Collapse )

Someone else gets a little jealous...Collapse )

And a sort of Vincent van Gogh night down here:

An impressionistic night if there ever was one...Collapse )

Big beautiful moon in the sky. It's the white one in the middle. I saw it when I took the trash out to the dumptster that you can barely see in the bottom right corner. It was lower and yellow. Perfect golden moon. And someone in the neighborhood behind was shooting off fireworks. Lovely and so summer. The best is having someone to share it with. So, here you are, flist. :-)


M.O.V.E. off to an exercise class

That's it. Off to an exercise class, then on to work. Start to make my lumpy self a little less lumpy and maybe help with some of the health issues. Hoping for some good tips.

Update about Hiss

Hiss is doing much better the past couple of days. He seems to have these little episodes at night, but the frequency has decreased tremendously. It was only a few times last night. His tail is also healing up with the doses of prednisone. He whines as if I'm torturing him when I give him his dose though. Of course he may have some right to object ,as I hold him by the back of his neck and push his mouth open give him the pill. He likes the canola oil even less.

Right now, he's lying in the window enjoying the sun. You can how patchy his fur is, as if I tried to 'feather' it for him. He will be a very handsome cat, once we get his hair 'all growed out' again. That's my goal with him: get him healthy enough that his hair all grows back.


submissions for days 1, 2 and 4

I made submissions for days 1, 2 and 4 also.

The day 1 theme was Friday with 2 F's arranged like booths in a restaurant and it said which seat will you take? Since I went out to meet some new friends on Friday, this is my submission for that:

Day 2's theme was fire. My first thought was the John Cafferty song Hearts on Fire. This was one of the songs in Rocky IV. This is my drawing for that:


Today's theme is trousers.


These are pants in motion because when you work retail, you never get to stand still.

30 days of creativity

Since I'm purposely entering a period of transition and since I want to get art back into my life: my first entry. Today's theme is corn. How do you like to eat it?

And of course those little things on the end are corn cob shaped holders. I was introduced to them by my Grammy when I was 10. I guess the idea is eat corn-on-the-cob neatly. But seriously? With butter dripping off your chin? What's better than early sweet corn, except maybe watermelon!

And of course, there are also other definitions of 'corn'. So I'm looking forward to seeing some of the other entries.

Babylon 5, faith

I'm going to watch some Babylon 5 because I have all the seasons now. It's funny because I used to believe in B5 the same way that I believed in the Bible. Which may explain why I no longer really believe in the Bible. It was another set of stories that I tried to find meaning in, not realizing that mostly we make our own meaning by how we live. I was um...fantasy-prone, I think is how it's termed. Could be because my parents didn't give me any rooting or foundation so that I looked for it everywhere. And Bible stories were part of my earliest reference.
Now I just look at stories as one person's or group of persons' interpretation. of life. I like the openness and acceptance in B5. It's much less rigid than Star Trek was, more accepting of individual flaws and complexities. Technology may have have in the mid-23 century, but people are still people.

Sensitive kitty

Didn't sleep much last night. My young kitty,Hiss, had a difficult night. I'm not sure what caused it, but around midnight he jumped up into my lap and then went completely limp and stopped breathing for a few seconds. I shook him and he snapped out of it. Then several minutes later, he did it again. Then the rest of the night, his heart beat would slow way down and his breathing would get very shallow. Then he would have spasms like seizures for maybe 10-15 seconds. I kept him by me and this went on for hours. Needless to say, I didn't get much rest. I wasn't sure if he was having seizures or if he was dying, but he would snap out of it each time, look at me, then rest his chin on my arm again while I held him. We finally got up about 8:45 or 9 am. 

He's still having problems with the flea bite sensitivity too. I took him to the vet this morning and she told me that I'd need to put Advantage on him every 2 weeks because he's so sensitive to the bites. He chews on his tail a lot too, until it's raw all over. The vet told me to put canola oil on his skin to help ease the itching and moisturize his skin. (I figure it'll help 'drown' the fleas too.) Sensitive kitteh is very sensitive and needs a lot of love. She said Hiss is obviously a high maintenance cat and told me that I had 3 choices: 1)get his flea medication regularly, 2)find him another home, or 3)put him to sleep. That made me cry. And she said she understands that sometimes it becomes a)get the kitty his meds, or b)buy groceries. Of course, Mr. Hiss is such a wonderful little cat person that really #s 2 and 3 are just out of the question. But it took me several minutes to compose myself again. He still has that same sweet face, just larger now. Still don't know what the 'seizures' throughout the night were about. He was definitely reaching out to me and asking me to hold on to him though. Little smart man! Thankfully, I'm on vacation right now and can devote the time to him that he needs. During the day today though he's been all right. We'll see what happens tonight.

This has been the only down spot this week, but it is a big one. I don't think I can lose another kitty right now, so I'll do the best I can by him.



I guess I am doing something while on vacation. I met some people from the UUCB at a local restaurant for lunch and enjoyed myself very much. There were 8 or 9 of us and we talked about all sorts of things. One of the women just read Fifty Shades of Grey and was recommending it to another woman at the table to read. I haven't read it and probably won't, but  I had heard of it, thanks to Time magazine (or was it Newsweek) and the Internet. And I know not a single person at the table was under 50.

Another couple had recently gone to the Suwannee Folk Festival, which I guess is up near Jacksonville and he wanted to bring one of the singers down to sing a song or two at one of our services. Someone else was talking about another woman in the congregation who was now living with a Republican. We were all speculating on what they could talk about that wouldn't immediately become political.

Every single one of us had water with our lunches, much to the consternation of the server, and none of us ordered desert either. The servings were large enough that we were all too full. We had a laugh over going to McD's for a one dollar ice cream cone. We were all likewise offended by the fact that the receipts list a place for 'additional tip'. This is on top of the 18-20% gratuity that is added to the ticket for groups of 6 or more. None of us were impressed with the server, so needless to say no extra tip. I don't think I've ever seen such a thing on a ticket previously. You're getting a tip, which has already been added to our tickets, but you think you deserve and extra tip?

I can't remember the last time I enjoyed myself so much in a group of relative strangers. So...I guess I'm not really shy, I just need to feel safe. and I feel safe with these people. YAY!

Ennyhoo, I've been enjoying my vacation and have hardly traveled past my backyard. Except for the visit with family. And I still have 4 days left!!!

The 1st and 2nd seasons of Babylon 5  showed up today also: one via USPS and the other courtesy of the guy in brown. Then I went back to the video store and traded in some cds. I'm only about half way through my collection, so there will be several more trips before I'm through. I told the 2 young women that waited on me that I'd spare them for another week or so, since I was there twice this week.

It's raining out (check out my profile pic) and has done since mid-afternoon. Welcome to the first day of hurricane season. We need the rain. With luck, it will raise the water table. Most of central and southern Florida is heavily dependent on rainfall since our aquifer is only a few feet below the surface. One of the pitfalls of living coastal sea level. I love the sound of rain although this precludes any beach visits while I'm on vacation. Unless it stops raining.  It has rained every afternoon this week, or at least been gray enough that I was leery of going anywhere near the water.


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